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Veterinary Medications & Compounding

Because Your Pets are Part of the Family Too

At Maple Meadows Pharmacy we work with local veterinarians to create safe and pet-friendly medications so the that the furry member of your family gets healthy again in no time. We also work with veterinarians and farmers to create custom specific medications for all types of livestock and animals.

We customize medications unique to a specific pet or animal’s needs:

  • Flavoured dosage forms that animals love in flavors like tuna, beef, and fish. 
  • Dosage forms that are just right for specific animals from cats and dogs to cow, horses, and reptiles
  • Customized pills, topical creams, ointments, and oral liquids to flavored snacks

We love animals! And we work hand-in-hand with local vets to ensure that your pets and livestock get the right treatment and medications.