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Compounding & Customized Medications

Medication Customized to Your Needs

Everyone reacts to medications differently. Different dosages, strengths, and ingredients can cause different reactions and side effects in people. 

That’s why at Maple Meadows Pharmacy we try our best to understand your medication history and customize your medications so that you can focus on your health–and less about side effects. If there’s something your body can’t tolerate, or if there is a dosage that is better for you, we can help. 

And yes, if your medication can be made into a lollipop we’ll do that too!

Compound and Custom Medication Services We Offer: 

• Cosmetic gels, ointments, balms, liniments (both topical, transdermal) 

• Custom solutions, syrups & suspensions 

• Creams and Ointments

• Dye, Lactose, or Preservative-Free Formulations 

• Lactose-Free formulations 

• Medicated lollipops, lozenges, and troches (gummies) 

• Suppositories

Are you looking for a discontinued medication? Contact us directly and we can help compound it.