Happily Serving Maple Ridge

Medical Centre Policies

Our Walk-in Clinic

  • Wait time may vary anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour–our staff will do out best to make sure you’re seen by a doctor as quickly as possible
  • Our doctors have a limited number of patients they are allowed to see per day as per the Fraser Valley Health Authority provincial policies and may not be able to see more patients once that number has been reached
  • In such events our walk-in clinic may close early without any notice
  • Certain tests such as Pap Smear and Complete Physical Exams do require an appointment to be made in advance

Appointments, Cancellations and No-Shows

  • Please call during the clinic hours to book an appointment with any one of our doctors
  • When cancelling your appointment please call us 24 hours in advance so that appointment may be given to someone else
  • If an appointment is cancelled on the same day a $60 missed-appointment fee will be charged (This fee may be waived in the event of an unexpected emergency)

Lab Results and Prescription Repeats

  • Since lab results are kept strictly confidential, patient must meet with our doctor to get your lab results or any other chart related information. 

    They will not be provided over the phone.

  • Doctor must monitor your continued care therefore prescription repeats will not be done over the phone.You must come to the clinic to see a doctor.


  • If a referral to a specialist is being made for you by our office, either our office or the specialist office will contact you with an appointment time.
  • All referrals are faxed to the specialists’ office within 48 hours of your visit
  • Due to long waitlists for specialists you may not receive an appointment for some time (please continue to check-in with us regarding your referral)
  • We will make every attempt to let you know prior to leaving the clinic how long waitlists are for a particular specialist


  • As the doctors are extremely busy during their working hours no calls or messages will be taken by any doctor
  • You must call to book an appointment to see a doctor or visit our clinic as a walk-in the see the doctor on schedule

Transfer of Medical Records

  • Please note that there is a charge when you request to have your medical records transferred and the fees are due upon receiving a transfer request form. 
    For your record, BCMA Non-MSP fee schedule currently suggests as follows :

    Transfer of Medical Records (excludes photocopying and/or courier fees) $32.05
    Photocopying fee (first 10 pages/per page) $1.50
    Photocopying fee (each subsequent page) $0.30


  • It is the patient’s responsibility to pay in advance for any forms that need to be filled out by the doctor because MSP does not pay for completion of forms. Please inform the receptionist of any forms needing to be filled out prior to seeing the doctor.

Clinic Etiquette

  • Any rude or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated towards any of our staffs and/or towards other patients in the clinic
  • If you have any concerns associated with your visit, please contact the clinic manager in writing
  • For consideration of others in the clinic please refrain from using your cellular phone while in the clinic

Termination of Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • In the event of the termination of a doctor-patient relationship, our doctors we will provide emergency medical care only for one month preceding the termination date or when the patient finds a new family doctor, whichever comes first.